The Crossroads of Military and Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

There is no doubt that members of law enforcement could be considered one of the most under appreciated group of professionals in practically any community. The safety and security of the neighborhood they serve is a direct correlation of the local police department and its good works. The commitment to the job deserves recognition. Yet, how easily is that forgotten?

There are many kind ways to show your admiration: a smile, a greeting, a handshake, a respectful nod as they walk by…and there are custom law enforcement and police challenge coins.


Military Police CoinIn both fund raising events and ceremonies, from organizing charity runs to families needing to raise funds to cover unexpected expenses, the involvement of custom law enforcement and police challenge coins have become symbols of courage and determination. They are presented to identify members of a specific unit or team. For recipients, these coins represent honor and personal excellence. In its greatest moment, custom police coins are used to distinguish anything from bravery to performing deeds that improve the community. A great symbol of pride, credit and allegiance to law enforcement, these coins — the very idea of receiving one — has, yes, challenged individuals to strive for the brass ring. Or, in this case, the die struck coin.

Law enforcement coins have increased in popularity since intense use in the military has become better known. In many cities and counties, these coins aren’t used to merely promote unity among a single department. They are traded to strengthen unity between precincts in other jurisdictions. To collect funds for programs that benefits the community. It’s a great hobby and, when gifted, a wonderful way to show appreciation for dedication and service.

The Coins

What makes these coins distinguished and fun is that each one can be uniquely designed to suit your precise circumstances. This is why they are treasured collectibles. Police departments have commissioned them and given them out in memory of a fallen colleague. Police academies present them to graduating students. Each coin, or set, designed specific to the occasion.

Either using a design of your own, or a design developed working with our artist, we can manufacture an insanely detailed image on a coin. The size of the coin is up to you. The graphics are guaranteed to be professional and striking. Our graphic artists are ready to work with you on color and any necessary refinement of the design. Having created hundreds of unique custom coins, we treat every project with precise attention and paramount care. You want coins of high quality. That’s what we intend to produce.

We know how important custom coins can be to both those who give and receive. We will adapt to any requirements you set before us. We will break down every conceivable path that will be taken in the creation of your project: coin size, colors, edging, type of materials, patina, enamel finishes, 3- or 2-dimensional molding, coatings, cut-outs, dual plating. We have multiple options for presenting the finished product: simple envelopes for each coin ordered; or a coin pouch or box for a more stylish appearance.

Be it a design to acknowledge a civilian staff member’s contribution to the department, or a commemorative coin to immortalize a fallen colleague, we realize you need your product to be a source of inspiration. We promise that will always be the case.

The Right Stuff

Common Military Challenge Coins for Police ApplicationsOur coins are and always will be customized to your exact specifications. We know they will be used to present individuals with a momentous award for service, or to raise funds for deeply personal reasons. Our job is, with unequaled customer support, to offer our clients the highest quality custom challenge coins, at affordable prices. We are committed to this!

Using every state of the art technique available, we are ready to craft your coin. If you need a quote or you’re ready to go, feel free to contact us. One of our experienced representatives is ready to assist you. We’ll help you choose the metal that best suits your purpose. We’ll help design the color palette and send you a color proof. This gives you the opportunity to review everything and let us know exactly what needs to be changed.

Though there may be any number of options for actually designing your customized coin, there are essentially two main types of coins manufactured. They are hard enamel and soft enamel.

Soft Enamel

Soft enamel color is filled. It’s then left to air dry. The practice allows the paint to settle. At the same time, the metal ridges are kept, to some extent, at higher levels than the paint. This leaves the product with a dimensional appearance.

Hard Enamel

Hard enamel color is overfilled. The next step is to cure the coin by heating under extreme temperatures. After it’s hardened, the product is hand polished and sanded down. This adjusts the paint fill and the raised metal so that the areas are at the same level. This will leave the surface of a hard enamel color smooth to the touch.

Outside of this, the sky is the limit.

Let us show you the possibilities. We have a catalog of previous works that you can review. Or you can contact us via email or telephone. We would be happy to cover the entire process before you take a single step.

Once you have taken that step though, be assured we will take all other steps with you. We will always be there to answer any questions about your order. It doesn’t matter to us if it’s 10 coins for your staff, or 500 to be sold for a charity event, each and every single coin will get the diligence it deserves.

Proud to Serve

We specialize in creating custom law enforcement coins. Knowing what these coins represent and mean, we’d be honored to represent you, your colleagues and your community. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Payment Options

All Major Credit Cards & GPCs Accepted. We offer discounts to active duty military personnel as well. Please call for details.

“The troops in BN-FWD-901 are extremely happy with their coins. Your company continually shows us why we keep coming back for more.” — Benjamin Severs, CDR USN San Diego, CA.

“We wanted to let you know our coins arrived in time today and they are nothing but spectacular - a big thanks from everyone here.” — Lisa Horrow, Lt. USMC.

"Now I know why you were recommended to us...your personal attention and responsiveness is second to none." - MAJ Dennis Peoples US Army Reserve

"Hats off to your design team. Completely satisfied." - USAF Recruiting Sgt. Gerald Fernworth